On this day, 1921

On this day in 1921 John Gore Stewart, South Australia’s Engineer in Chief stated that the navigable period on the River Murray had now practically terminated.  If there were no further interruptions the work on number one lock should be completed in a few months time and  it would be necessary to decide which lock site the ‘freed up’ plant should be transferred to.

He went on to say that as lock number five would hold up the water below Renmark, and greatly assist in irrigation by assuring water for newly established areas then being brought under irrigation, he recommended that this lock be the next one to be put in hand when number one was completed. 

Of course Lock 3 and Lock 9 would proceed simultaneously as planned. A large amount of the necessary plant had already been obtained for those two sites.

Lock 5 taken by Helen Stagg 2012 (Copyright)

Lock 5 taken by Helen Stagg 2012 (Copyright)

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