Sports Day…. “Big Day Out” at the locks!

The lock camp residents knew how to have fun: school picnic lock 7 MP

The photo depicts a sports day at Lock 7 c 1931 while the article is of a similar day at Lock 9 in 1925.

1925 01 09 Murray Pioneer and Aust. River Record:
CHILDREN’S SPORTS, Good Day and Large Attendance, Lock 9, January 1, 1925.

The local children’s sports were held on the sports ground on Monday, December 29, and favoured with a perfect day. A large number of people gathered and witnessed a good day’s sport. A lengthy programme was provided and all events were keenly contested. The ladies especially entered into the spirit of the day, making it necessary to run all their events in heats.
The officials in charge of the day’s proceedings were: judges Messrs B Bowels, C Reed and A Blake; handicappers, Messrs J Scott, and W Cuy, starters: Mr W Sandy and L Rogers. Committee: Messrs T Satterthwaite, Chairman, G Brooks, W Cuy, J McPhee, C Adams O J Edwards, A Charlton, Secretary W J O’Donnell. Ladies’ committee consisting of Mesdames Cuy, Charlton, McPhee, Edwards, O Donnell, Eddy and Miss Hawkes had charge of the refreshments.
The day’s proceedings went without a hitch and the way all present helped speaks volumes for the good spirit existing between the residents of lock nine. The results of the day were as follows: –
Boy’s race: under five, C McPhee 1, I McPhee 2
Girls under 5: E Bowden 1, B Charlton 2
Girls under 7: M Brooks 1, R Bornholm 2
Girls 5 to 7: Lorna Brooks 1, Alice Peters 2
Boys 7 to 10: N Ashton 1, P Reed 2
Girls 7 to 10: Audrey Brooks, 1 Myra Pelgrave 2
Girls 10 to 14: P Rogers 1, A Pearson 2
Boys 10 to 14: E Sherlock 1, R Edwards 2

Putting tail on pig: A Peters 1, K Reed 2
Girls’ Siamese race: A Pearson and P Rogers 1, A Brooks and M Pelgrave 2
Boys’ Siamese: T Edwards and H McPhee 1, T Gorman and G White 2
Single ladies: N Reed 1, G Hawkes 2
Men’s Sheffield: W Cuy 1 F Satterthwaite 2 J McPhee 3
Ladies’ wheelbarrow: Mrs Wilson 1, Mrs Bornholm 2, Mrs White 3
Thread the needle: Girls: A Pearson 1, N Reed 2.
Thread the needle: Ladies: Miss G Hawkes 1, Mrs McPhee 2
Boys’ Sheffield: R Edwards, 1 K Brooks 2, B Reed 3
Boys’ hurdles: E Brooks 1, R Edwards 2, B Reed 3
Men’s hurdles: J McPhee 1, T Bornholm 2, W Cuy 3
Men’s obstacle: M Rogers 1. W Bowden 2
Boys’ obstacle: R Edwards 1, E Brooks 2
Married ladies’ race: Mrs Cuy 1, Mrs Strachan 2, Mrs Eddy 3
Girls’ Potato race: A Pearson 1, T Reed 2
Old Buffers: O Edwards 1, T Bornholm 2.
Ladies’ nail driving: Mrs McPhee 1, Mrs Bath 2
Throwing at wicket: Ladies Mrs Bowden
Boys’ high jump: R Edwards 1, E Brooks 2
Men’s hop step and jump: J McPhee 1, W Cuy 2
Ladies’ catching rooster: Miss Clara Gorman
Boys’ consolation: B Reed 1, H Reed 2
Girls’ consolation: N Raines 1, R Scott 2
Ladies’ Cotton winding: Mrs O’Donnell 1, Mrs Ashton 2
Stepping the distance: C Reed, A Eddy, O Edwards
440 yards handicap: F Satterthwaite 1, W Bowden 2
Ladies’ committee race: Mrs Cuy 1 Mrs Eddy 2 Mrs McPhee 3
Men’s committee race: B Bowels 1, W Sandy 2.
In this race the judging, handicapping and starting was carried out by the ladies.