A soldier from the River Murray works: dead just weeks before the Armistice!

Norris Clegg CowinNorris Clegg Cowin had been a labourer at the Mannum Quarry as part of the River Murray lock works for almost 12 months when he followed the call to enlist on 16 August 1915 . Born on 3 May 1893 at Goodwood, South Australia, Clegg served in France and Belgium but was killed in action in Belgium on 1 October 1918, just 42 days before the signing of the Armistice.

I found the following poignant letters, the first written by his sister asking if there were any moneys owing her late brother. I noted the black line (mourning) drawn around the edges of her stationery. This was properly known as mourning stationery, a tradition from the Victorian era.

As the centenary of the armistice approaches, I thought it appropriate to honour the memory of Norris Clegg Cowin and others like him from the River Murray Works who made the ultimate sacrifice.  Lest We Forget!
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