Berri lock display: a great slice of history on the beautiful Murray

Currently there is a display on ‘Locks and the Murray River System’ at the Visitors Centre in Berri,  about which I am happy to have been consulted. The diving outfit on loan from SA Water takes pride of place. One of the people I interviewed for my book, Harnessing the River Murray: Stories of the people who built Locks 1-9, 1915-1935, Thelma McGair, told me how her father, who never drank alcohol, was preferred by Freddy Simms, the diver at Lock 7, to hold his air-supply line. Divers were required to investigate underwater issues to do with such things as the coffer dam walls etc.

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Thursday October 4 2018 from 8.30 am till 10am, ABC Riverland with Matt Stephens, will be broadcasting from the Berri Information Centre and will air a brief  interview with me about my research on the people who built the locks.The frequency is 1062 AM on your radio or you can listen Live via the ABC Listen App or via

Arthur Eddy,S Allen, Stan Underwood Fred Simms Thelma McGair

Diver Freddy Simms, c 1932 Lock 7 with A Eddy, S Underwood and S Allen