Lucille Benstead

Miss Lucille Benstead born Feb 5 1891 in Alice Springs.

Died Jan 7 1983, Westminster London.

Lucille BensteadSoprano.

Helen Stagg is researching the life and career of Lucille Benstead. She was born in Stuart Town Feb. 5 1891 and died Westminster London, Jan. 7 1983.

Any information about Lucille’s career on stage would be welcomed on the Contact me page.


My daughter, Siobhan Stagg, a young soprano currently working at Deutsche Oper, Berlin, wrote the following piece for an article a couple of years ago:

I have  been in touch with a distant cousin who my mother, Helen, ‘tracked down’ through her genealogical research, who links me to Lucille ‘Lulu’ Benstead, a soprano of some note from around Dame Nellie Melba’s time. Lucille was born in Alice Springs, was discovered in Perth by Dame Clara Butt and went on make a career of singing in London. Stuart Benstead (Lulu’s nephew) currently lives in London and we met up for lunch during a recent London visit. It was such a buzz to find a connection to singing in my heritage, and the Bensteads have kindly given me some of Lulu’s original sheet music! They brought along some old photos of the diva, and said I bear a striking physical resemblance to her.


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