Harnessing the River Murray: reader feedback.

It has been very satisfying to receive letters from those who have read my book. Here are some of the comments:

“Well researched, presented, captivating and enlightening. I trust yourWP_20150819_005 book will become part of Australia’s historical archive.” DH
“Just want to say what an excellent work you have produced. It is most interesting to read and is so well produced. Thanks for all your hard work. It is another valuable resource document for many to enjoy.” DT
“Thank you for writing such an interesting book. I had no knowledge of the lock building other than Lock 1. I always imagined that they were built in numerical order.” RH
“It’s fascinating – a wonderful record and great read. So glad you wrote it!” PK
“Just thought that I’d let you know how much I had enjoyed your book. I especially like the illustration on p. 33 of the houseboat….So much more of interest in the book.” DW
“I really enjoyed the book. It gives a great insight into the project and its ups and downs. It would have been tough times especially during the Depression.” JN
“Many thanks for the book!! I already have a line wanting to check it out!” NM, Librarian
“I have now read it and understand a lot more of the place and times.” VM
“It was a great read – I couldn’t put it down until I had finished. Thanks a lot Helen; the Lock 5 history was essential reading for my family research to find its mark. Even though it was a sad outcome, I still think it best to know the truth of the situation. Thank you again for your insightful book.” SV