Evelyn Rains: My Inspiration

I owe my fascinEvelyn Rains aged about 7ation in Lock history to the stories my mother Evelyn told me when I was growing up about her childhood on the various locks where her father worked during construction. When the family were living at Lock 5, Evelyn and her brothers and sister wrote letters to the Children’s Column in the Renmark paper.One of them is attached for you to read, (1926 08 31) Today would be her 96th birthday and I honour her memory and the passion she instilled in me about our shared heritage.

1926 08 31 Murray Pioneer Evelyn

Come to the Fair: Lock 6 School, 1929

On September 6, 1929 1100 children from many regional schools converged in Renmark for River Region Education Week. Each school was allocated colours and Lock 6 children looked resplendent in their pink and silver grey as they participated in a day of sporting activity followed by an evening concert. Some of the scholars who acquitted themselves very well from Lock 6 included Gladys Fitzpatrick, Dorothy McKinnon, Stan Underwood, Gwen Westley and Roy McCully,
At the Renmark area concert that evening the children of the Lock Six School sang ‘Come to the Fair’ which was reportedly the most outstanding item of the evening with their preparation noted as exemplary. They received vigorous applause and shouts of “encore, encore!” filled the hall.

This is the marvellous song they sang, rendered here by the The National Children’s Choir Ireland in a 2003 Concert.

Teacher T A Joraslafsky

Teacher T A Joraslafsky