Harnessing the River Murray: a lucky escape for Underwood and Lehmann

Lock 5 In July 1927, Albert Underwood, concrete mixer and Arthur Lehmann, labourer, narrowly escaped death by drowning. They had gone out to the weir in a rowing boat to do some work when suddenly the boat was sucked down by the current, filling with water and sinking. Arthur Lehmann grabbed on to part of the weir but Underwood was swirled away by the current and sucked under a barge. Luckily Ted Creamer managed to grab him just as he was going under, and with the help of Jack Mudge, Alec Leslie, Ned Allwood and others, he was rescued. As Underwood felt himself going down he called out. “Help! I’m drowning.” ‚ÄúThat cry was a correct one,” said a lock worker when asked for the story, “as if Ted Creamer had not caught Underwood he would never have been seen alive again.”